It's been a while.

My grandmother passed away on Tuesday noon.
It happened so sudden... so fast.
No one even expects it as she was all fine and healthy.
And no one knows what the reason of her death.
She just suddenly had a heavy breath and when my mother brought her to the hospital she's gone already.

My dad called me straight away that noon and needed me to go back to Indo the next morning.
Fiuhhh... well, everything happened for a reason, huh?
Maybe it's the best for her, maybe it's just God's way for her, to take her to His side to live happily and forever with Him.
And anyway, she's 83 years old and people said... in today's life if a person has passed 80 years, we need to be happy and let her go as she/he has already enough time :)

Goodbye Grandma, Rest in Peace...
May God Bless U always and accept you in His side :)
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