Finally I make something Red Velvet.
This one is Red Velvet Cake Pops.
The funny thing is I never taste red velvet cake or cupcake before, so when I make this today.. I take a small piece, taste it and I was like 'Is the taste should be like this? I don't even know if the taste is correct.'

Stupid enough? hahaha...
Lucky I have a friend living in my place at the moment, so when she wakes up I asked her to taste and she said 'yes, it's supposed to be like this'.
Great! Relieved!

Recipe: Bakerella

It's supposed to be dipped all in the chocolate but I ran out of chocolate and too tired to do it one by one so I just decorate some of them like a chocolate cage. LOL!

Apparently, I am not a decorating person. haha...
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