Probably should have one in my house later on :))

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  1. kanungo Says:

    I just reviewed your posting and collected many good information related to healthy diet. I would really like to thank you for spreading such your valuable tips to aware people about the good health. Yes, I too agree to your posting that Breakfast is important for good health and for good start. The term ‘Breakfast’ itself signifies us to take the food and break our fasting but people generally skip their breakfast due to their busy schedule which may result in many problems. I would like to know whether only fruits are good for breakfast or not?
    Keep on Posting…!

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    Hi There, thank you for that. I usually prefer wholegrain or multigrain bread for breakfast. Some people prefer sourdough instead. You can also refer to this website ( and probably do more research about this will be very good as I understand that each person body will react to the different kind of food :)

    Good luck!