Hosh hosh...
Been away from the Internet for a while.
Travelled much, tired much, got sick much.

I've been getting flu for almost 2 weeks and it's still here in my body until now.
Haven't recovered completely.
Well, no wonder as I've been hanging around to many places instead of having a full bed rest like a flu person should do ;p

Anyway, I went to Malaysia last week and then stayed in Jakarta for few days before heading back to my lovely hometown again.
Lovely? Hmmmm....

After visiting some places, staying in few countries recently, spending the night in hotels and also in my friend's house....
I realize that nothing can beat the feel of home.
And where is mine?
At first, I thought, going back to my hometown is my version of home. 
Or deep inside my heart, I hope I can also feel home in Jakarta.
Apparently, you can't lie to your heart.
I still leave my heart in Melbourne.

Even tho I admit that Melbourne is getting bored and quiet but the feeling of home is just perfect there.
Or maybe because I've stayed in that city too long.
Or maybe that I haven't settled or have my own place in Jakarta nor any job to do.
Or maybe I have no more freedom when I am back to my hometown.

Anything is possible here... but for sure, I miss my Melbourne's life.
For sure, I need to adapt as soon as possible where ever I go in the future... soon.
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