So, I decided to start selling pineapple tarts or cookies or nastar or whatever you call it.
It is an Indonesian or even Asian cookies that is really popular usually during Chinese New Year but people still like to eat it for daily snack accompanied with tea :)

Here in Melbourne or Australia, we barely can find good nastar.
As my passion is in baking and cooking, I am thinking to give it a go by starting with this pineapple tart. And maybe more to come?

Anyway, I am selling this for $10 (250gr). You can always order for bigger portion and with another filling (jam or cheese). It's basically just like cookies. I will make this regularly and will also make on orders. Contact me if you are interested :)

2 Responses
  1. Barbara Says:

    My uncle is from australia and he lives in Melbourne, too. Greetings from Germany. :)

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    Greetings from Melbourne :)
    Thanks for following my blog.