Time for recipe post. Finally.... after a while :)
I am happy to be back, cooking and baking.

I made this when I did my housewarming 2 weeks ago.
Some of them are old recipes but never fail people's tongues.

Here is the picture taken from one of my friends as I completely forgot about taking pics. Yes, I was so busy that day!

First pic in the top left corner is the wonton beef taco, but this time I nailed it. I put more cheese and salsa sauce for more flavour, also topped with a bit of sour cream when serving it.
Recipe is still the same, 500gr mince beef, mozzarella cheese, chunky salsa sauce, taco seasoning, and wonton skin. It's all gone in 10 minutes. Love it!

The second pic is the one next to it, it's roasted asparagus and prosciutto. I got the recipe from Seasons and Suppers.
The pic below is the raw version before I roasted it.
It's served it with a slice of bread and with a cheese sauce supposedly.
But as usual, trouble always comes at the wrong time, my sauce is not thickened and my guess is I used wrong type of cheese so it didn't blend with the other ingredients.

It should look like the pic below:
pic taken from Seasons & Suppers
Third, the bottom right corner is my Oreo Cheesecake Cupcake. Yum!
You can find the recipe from my previous post.

The last picture, I did not cook that one. hehehe..
I bought it from a Malaysian restaurant as I did not have time to cook main course for 11 people ;p
It is sizzling tofu with mince chicken and it is super super super yummy!!!!!

Anw, I will have another housewarming this Saturday for my ex-colleagues so there will be more recipes here. Yeay!
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