Second housewarming was done and no more. I am broke and tired of becoming a host.

Here is the dessert I made. I was so lazy to cook main as usual so I ordered pizza for everyone.
Cos I still have some wonton skin leftover, I made them all to beef taco again.
Anyway, dessert is hazelnut chocolate cheesecake. I used nutella for the hazelnut and oreo for the base.
 I practically ate half of it and I couldn't finish it. Even my colleagues weren't surprised anymore, one of them said to another straight away 'You know her. She doesn't like sweet. She baked sweet stuff but doesn't eat it. Weirdo!'

Hahahhaa... I can't help but laughing. It's true but it's me. Or maybe because I have already made it, I have enough of it ;p

Recipe is from here.
It's pretty easy and simple and it is yummy.
Even I didn't finish mine, but I tasted it right?
And my colleagues had 2 each while another friend of mine came the day after and he ate 4. Yes, FOUR! Lol!

Last but not least, guess what they gave me as a gift? A coffee machine!!
Thank you. I am a happy girl.
But, I definitely need a bigger kitchen!!!!
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