It's 27th October today.
I had my birthday last Sunday..
Got a surprise from my friends - thank you.
Got a birthday cake, a lot of macaroons and 6 shots.
Damn! I am still not happy with the shots.

They're about 12 people there and they forced me to drink 6 shots of 50% alcohol drink.
Well, I don't mind drinking alcohol as long as it tastes nice but as far as I know there is no alcohol tastes nice.
I don't even know what the name of the things I drank last Sunday.
Even I asked for Tequila only, all of my friends did not listen to me --"

After 6 shots, it was 1am already and the fact that I had not passed out and threw every thing up, and even I still can walk straight was really good. I gave applause to myself for that. LOL!
But, you never know... right after I stepped my foot in my apartment, I went to the kitchen to drink a lot of water because my head started to spin... and the next second, I ran to the toilet, throwing everything.
Sighhh! Thanks to my friend.

Well, you can guess after that, I was dead on the bed and could not do anything.
The next morning, I had a really bad headache and my stomach was empty... HUNGREHH!
Lucky, it did not last long. I managed to drink Panadol, had lunch and thanks God the headache was gone.

On Monday, I got another cake and present from my colleagues.
Another tiramisu and lingerie for the present. Geez!
Believe it or not, it was a lingerie that my colleagues and I looked at few weeks before and on Sunday night, I dream about it. Gosh!

Anyway, thank you for everyone who celebrating my birthday.
Me love you long time! ;)
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