I am trying to improve myself.

Try to exercise routinely, swim and have healthy food on the weekdays but eat a lot on the weekend. hahahaha... maybe this is why I gain weight instead of losing weight when I do exercise.
I have decided to control my food starting from tomorrow, not for losing weight but to live healthy. And if I can get back to my original me long time ago? Thanks God for this.
Wish me luck!

Try to take care of myself more, especially my skin.
Used some skin products to make it brighter, more fresh and cleaner.
I am not sure if I really need it but who cares? ;p

Finding a new job? This is ain't easy anymore.
In fact, it is so hard but maybe because I don't put much effort on it.
Sometimes, I feel like quiting my job right away so I can breathe for a while and then looking for a new one with full concentration.
Am I going to do that? Of course NOT! I am too scared to be an unemployed person.
Why? Because I realize I am a shopaholic and I have a lot of bills to pay.

My friend once asked me 'Do u really want to work for others, live your current life by working 8-5, always waiting for the payday and spending most of it to pay rent and bills?'
DAMN! What should I do?

Try new things.

Hope can meet new people and new friends.

Try to enjoy the emptiness. Honestly? I am not sure for this at all.

Try to be discipline, try to find some ideas of business, try to see my future but not to think too much.

And I hope I can accomplish everything, one by one... slowly but surely.
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