We had lunch one day... after a while as she was busy with her boyfriend's parents and her friend from Indo.

When we were eating half way, suddenly...
Ade: "Cia, btw, I am engaged! hehehehe..." (with a relaxed and innocent face)
Me: *blank but looking at her hands automatically
Ade: *she realized. "But I forgot to bring the ring, it's in my home."
Me: *stop eating. "Hah? Whattt?!! You're engaged? For real? Seriously"
Ade: *smiling "Yeah. hehehe..."
Me: "WOW! Congrats!"

And we had this conversation in how her boyfriend annoyed her for the whole week and when the day came, his graduation day, with his parents, he proposed in front of her house.

OMG! this is the first time I heard my close friend is going to marry.
I am so excited! I know, it should be her who is excited much.

And... this means that we are old already.
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