One of my friends is going to Europe on November and thanks God she asked me if I want something from Europe.

Aaaaaaaa!! Of course I do. It is much much much cheaper in Europe, everything!
Anw, I am thinking to get the Hermes Garden Party bag but surfing the web and I don't see any other colours except black and brown T-T

Inspired by one of the Account Executives in my office, she visited Melbourne yesterday from Sydney and I honestly love her bag. It was Kate Spade but I don't think they still have this model at the moment.
I was browsing Prada this afternoon and I found a similar tote bag, well in fact it's better from the material side. Of course, it's more expensive.

I know I know the model is similar with the Hermes one, maybe I do only like the common one?! sigh!

-- same with above, different colour --

Anw, my birthday is coming soon. In case anyone wants to give me a birthday present, the real thing in the above pics will do :p

NB: Pics taken from Prada website
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