Following today's trend, I am reading these E L James books trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey.
I am up to the second book which is Fifty Shades Darker.
Hmmm... what can I say about this book?
Well it's surely an erotic novel, too details for the sex scene and definitely not for underage children.
But after passing half of the first book, it gets interesting.
For me, the story is not much, everything is just about the sex.
Personally, I will think that the real story line just started in the second book so maybe this will be more interesting and make people reading it more curious.

Anyway, there will be the movie of it.
Ian Somerhalder will play as Christian Grey. So agree!
Damn! I will make sure I watch every episode :p

Those eyes! Gosh!

Too many good pics of him that I can't put it here anymore.
I think he's really suitable for Grey role.
Wondering who will be the lead actress.

Can't wait for the movie. Ciao!
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