Finally, everything is almost done, except my test on Tuesday.
I am supposed to have the test last Tuesday, but something happen and my tutor didn't get the question and the booklet from my lecturer so there was no test. Dammit!

If I knew it, I would rather doing my assignment instead of studying for the test. Because as you know, I had assignment due on last Friday. Talking bout the assignment, this assignment, that due on last Friday was so killing me. It's about XML, schema and XSLT. Additionally, I don't even know how to use or create XML or even heard about XSLT before and suddenly I have to create a web site using it. Oh God! I know we have lecture ans tutorial to help, but still. The assignment had two different categories. HD and D. Oh, just in case if you don't know... HD = High Distinction (80-100) and D = Distinction (70-79). Can you imagine that? It even has different question for different marks. Urghhh...!! The first time my friends and I looked at the question, we optimistically chose HD but then, everyone was starting to give up and doing the D one. I mean it! It was so damn difficult.

So I try to find the solution to be able to do the HD one. When everything is urgent, I'll try to find any way to solve it including the improper one. Maybe everyone will do it as well, don't they? So, am I guilty then? Hope not, it's called self defense, isn't it? hehehehe... Anyway, now it's gone. I am having my long weekend now because tomorrow is Anzac Day and it's a university holiday. Thanks God! So, I watch a Korean series drama called Personal Preference to start my weekend. hahaha... I know it's kind of useless and stupid. But, the movie is so funny and interesting. Hehehe... You can watch it in or if you want. Beside of that, I also enjoy my weekend by going out with my best friends ^^

Hope you all are having a great long weekend as well :)
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  1. oneeye Says:

    glad you enjoy the long weekend. how's your ielts test? have you got the result yet?