Finally, I'm home...
This week is a busy week.
A week that made me couldn't sleep properly.
A week that made me slept outside my room for 2 nights.
A tiring week.

I spent the night at my best-friends' house last Wednesday because we planned to go to airport in Thursday morning. Two of my friends went back to Indo that day for easter break. Feel weird though, went back in Easter because it's only 1 week holiday. But many people did that this year. I'm wondering what their reasons are.
My friends personally went back because... one get her sister's sweet seventeen birthday and other celebrates the birth of his niece. Fiuhhh... We spent the night means we wouldn't get enough sleep. We talked, played, ate, sang, etc. And we got shock news too that night.

Dimas, one of the house's owner said he won't go back to Melbourne anymore after this holiday. Even I saw him crying before he said that to us. We were really shock and sad. He said he clashed with his father about the school problem and his father asked him to go back to Indo for good 'now'. We tried to ask, give advice, convince him to talk to his father. The situation was really bad and uncomfortable, but my other friend, Erick, said to his girlfriend 'I think he lied' and his girlfriend asked Dimas directly 'Are u lying?', but he only said 'Ask Ivan if you don't believe'. And it's because I saw him crying before so I assumed he won't be lying.

Then.... he shared shared and shared... until he said 'Actually, I still want to share more but I'm afraid that what Erick said is true..' --"
My friends hit him many times and yelled at him so loud... and you know what I did? I was loading about what actually happen that time. Stupid me! I still did not realize that it was April Fool. Grrrrrrr!!! But, that is kind of fun. We ended up sleep for 1 hour and went to airport at 7.15am. hahahaha....

The next day which is yesterday, I already had an appointment with my other friends to have dim sum in Dockland. So... I ended up in city again until night. Mostly doing nothing in city. Dim sum in the morning, enjoyed Dockland a bit, church in the afternoon, rested for a while, cafe-ing with more friends, rested for a while, dinner with another friends until midnight. The worst part was my friend successfully persuaded me to sleep over in her house in city. hahaha... Crazy, right?! But fun enough because I got new friends too. hehehehe... But, wait... there are more... I had appointment with my friends in suburb to play badminton this afternoon at 1pm. Means I have to go back in the morning from city to Clayton and there is no train service between Oakleigh to Springvalle. METRO!! Huh....

Enough for this week! It's only the beginning of the easter break holiday.Time to do assignments next week, but really lazy to do it. Really want to go shopping, swim, play badminton again, watch movie, etc. Of course lah! Those are more more more interesting to do in holiday rather than doing assignments :(
But, can't do that though. Assignments are really urgent. Still have to go to et cetera as well on Friday. Ooohh... it's OK. I will enjoy it, just... good luck for me! :)

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2 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    well, as long as you enjoy your life, then don't worry too much about assignments. you'll be able to do it,especially when it's urgent.

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    btw, which part of indo do you come from?