I realized that I am not a morning person..
But lately, since this semester... I want to wake up early and I did.
I slept earlier than before, like 11pm or 12pm.
I used to sleep at 2 or 3am, so this is a huge progress. hehehe...

After doing it so many times, I feel that wake up early is not that bad. I feel the day is longer and I can do many things before in the morning. Sometimes, when I wake up late now, I will feel regret because I waste my day by doing nothing. But occasionally, I feel strange by waking up so early. For several weeks, it's OK because I have a lot to do including IELTS so I was insisted to wake up early.

For example, this morning, I felt 'blank'...
I woke up at 9am or sometimes 8am (I know this is not early for some people), and I was wondering what I should do. I know I have many things that I can do, such as doing my assignment or I can go exercise. In fact, I won't do that. Do you know what I did then? I checked my exam timetable, bbm-ing with friends, facebook and twitter-ing, drank coffee, took my laundry, downloaded my tutorial exercise and I was thinking to do my tutorial now. But, after I looked at the questions, I canceled my wish. hohoho... I guess I like to wake up early, do many useless things and enjoy the morning joy. Strange, huh? --"

Apart from that, I love waking up early! Somehow, I feel fresh, healthy and hungry ;p
But, I said to myself that at least I made such improvement by waking up early. I hope it's a good start for my life because anyway I have to wake up earlier than 8 or 9am someday. hehehehe...

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  1. oneeye Says:

    the trouble with questions are they too many or too complicated. do one question at a time and it'll get easier