I was doing many useless things today.
The plan was:
  • Caulfield at 11am, doing assignment with my group mate until 2pm.
  • doing assignment with other friends from 2pm until evening.
But, the fact was not like that. Okay, group meeting was done. Doing assignment? Not at all. hahahaha...
I know I should be doing it now instead of blogging. But... forgive me, blogging is more interesting than doing assignment. Actually, everything is more interesting than doing assignment. And I did most of them! Blogging, eating, facebook-ing, twitter-ing, youtube-ing, calling, shopping. hohohoho...
The worst is instead of doing assignment now, I really want to go to city to hang around with my friends.

You know what is my biggest wish now??!!
I wish that I can have a desire to write report for my assignment like I have a desire to blog like now. --"
It's really true that my brain and body are working really well when the time is there. When the time shows it's last minute already, there you go...
I'm wondering how can one of my friends always get the extension for his assignments.
ALWAYS! NOT RARELY! Strange, isn't it? Because based on my knowledge, it is so hard to get the extension from Monash. Does different campus location have different policy? Unfair!

Anyway, being lazy to do the assignments is one of the reasons that I don't want to take master in the first place before. I'm bored of school. I really want to work. Sometimes, I imagine what I will look like in work environment. I always look at people in city, especially the one who's working in the office (read : good companies with a huge office ;p). They all are using blazer, pants, skirt and stiletto.
Hmmm.... intelligente elegantooooo! :p

Wish that I can be like them one day. And... in order to achieve that, I have to graduate with good mark. In order to graduate with good mark, I have to do my assignment now. Urgghhh!! Maybe Master is not a good idea for me. Inside my heart, I want to do Master but if I remember that there are more assignments and exams in Master, I want to work directly. Life is so hard...
OK, ciao!
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1 Response
  1. oneeye Says:

    if my memory serves me right, i think there's a monash career expo at caulfield? maybe you should attend that and see if some employers interested in hiring you.

    mungkin udah mental orang indo untuk buat tugasnya last minute. well, wish you good luck. seperti kata orang, if something is worth doing, it's worth doing it right (maybe not the exact word)