I guess I can't stop blogging even I have so many assignments.

I got my Blackberry yesterday.
It's Onyx anyway.
My father got it for free from Indonesia and I take it. LOL!
I asked my friend to bring it from Indo as he got back on easter break.

But, it's just one day and I get so many problems already with my Blackberry.
I think the battery is broken because the phone can be suddenly shut down and you can't do anything to turn it on again except by removing the battery and plug it in again. Strange, huh?!
And after it turns on, the battery will drop. Even when it is full before, it can become low battery and you can't use the phone at all. Or sometimes, it can't be turned on again because the battery is empty. Grrrrrr....
Firstly, I guess it's my fault because I use it first because I charge it for 8 hours.
But then, after I remember the whole thing...
When I use it for the first time, it started to be like that already. And my friend said you have to use it first until the battery is empty and then charge it for 8 hours. So I assume that this is not my fault, because since for the first time, it's already broken.

I know I can return it back because it's still warranty. But, do I need to send it to Indo? I think it will be so expensive. hahahaha... So, I decided to buy a battery here. Hope it will come soon. I really get annoyed when I'm doing something with my phone and then suddenly it shuts down. The worst one is the startup is so lonnnnngggggg!!! The good part of Blackberry is just it has Blackberry Messenger so you can communicate and chat with your contacts everywhere and every time you want. Huh! Luckily, when my father called me, I told about this problem and called the shop and they said I just need to send the battery back and they will replace it. But my father also thinks that it will be so expensive, so he just bought me a new battery from Indo and send it to here. Then, when he will take my battery in October when he comes to Melbourne to attend my graduation and give it to the shop to be replaced. The shop owner is so kind. hehehe... 
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3 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    same thing with my mum's bb, her battery run-out easily, have to recharge everyday. well, you'll get addicted with bbm, my mum bbm everytime when she came here, annoys me very much. kamu pake plan yg dari indo atau plan disini? rasanya plan disini lebih mahal, lebih murah aktifin bbm pake plan dari indo deh rasanya. kerugiannya jadi pegang 2 hp, lol, businesswoman.

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    ha? plan dr indo? apa gak lbh mahal? kena roaming segala. ak pk dr sni.

  3. oneeye Says:

    iya juga, hehe, soalnya kan mamaku kalo datang jg cuma 1 minggu aja. ga tau juga international roaming kena berapa dari indo