Monash's results were out yesterday.
It was right after I finished watching Knight and Day movie in cinema with my friends. My housemate then bbm me that the results were out. Damn! I couldn't explain my feeling that time. Afraid, confused, happy become one. Few minutes after that, I got the sms from Monash because I did register for sms results. O...o... I didn't watn to open the sms there that time, actually... but I couldn't help. I was too curious. Luckily, I passed all the subjects, even I got good marks. I was a bit shocked because there was one subject that I felt I can't do it in the exam and I still got Credit for it. Thank you God! I am really really thankful to Him.

So, now I can say proudly that I am a Bachelor of Information Technology and Systems major in Internet Systems and Information Systems. hihihi... ^^

I am really really happy... Now is time for the next step. PR and find a good job. Wish me luck... :)

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