*Happy though homeless - 1922 Berkeley Fire

Yeah, the title explains all.
I am homeless. So, the story is I am planning to move out from my previous house and move to city with 2 others. But then, by the end of June, I still haven't got any apartment so here I am staying in my friend's house for a while. I can say in this condition then you will realize the joy of having good friends. I mean... in usual condition, you won't realize it until you face some difficulties and you will love them more and more. Thank you dear! hehehe...

By the way, one of my friends in Indo said, "It's good to be homeless now. You won't get any chance to feel being homeless again. So, just enjoy it!" When I heard that, I was just speechless and shocked and said "What the hell?" hahahaha... But then, yeah... it's not too bad because I still have place to live. I even thanks to God that at least I have friends that offered me places to stay for a while. Besides, now, here, in my best friend's place, we   are enjoying our life. We talk, we laugh, we share, we eat, we cook, we make cake, we watch, we hang out, we fight, we are sick together with others as well. hahahahaha.... Somehow, it reminds me how we used to be house mate back then and how I missed those moments :(

Soon, I will miss this moment... after I move to my own new apartment. Anyway, me and my soon to be housemates are in progress applying for apartment. Now, we don't really care anymore about the location and the price. Ermm, we do care actually.. but we are too tired to stay in this condition even I am happy living in my friend's house. But still, I feel bad for staying here too long. So, the point, we now just look at the broad things, not too strict anymore. As long as the apartment is OK and the location is not too far and the price is still considerable, then we'll go for it. Wish we will get an apartment soon.

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