Oh my God! I opened my Facebook this afternoon and found out that my sister tagged me a photo. At that time, I am wondering which photo it is because I don't remember I had taken a photo with her recently. And... teng teng teng... surprise surprise! It was a photo when I was child, if I am not wrong it was when I still in kindergarten. hahahhaha... Imagine that! So it's 17 years ago. Olala... ;p
Time is surely flying so fast.

This is the picture that I am talking about....

Don't be surprised! He's my cousin and 2 years younger than me and that pink thing is called 'sempe'. It is kind of snack in Solo. I love it very much since I was a child. Yes, I remember it exactly that I always bought sempe when I went back from school with my mom. Ahhh.... It's so nice being a child, huh? No pressure ;p

Anyway, we are so cute yah? hahahahaha.... The fact is I have been fat since I was a child :(
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