If you are Indonesian then yoi should familiar with the word 'kualat'. I don't know what the exact English word that has the same meaning as it but I find it in the dictionary and it said damned or accursed. hahaha... Hope those words are right or you guys will be misunderstood.

I don't find any appropriate pic so I took this one and it's good though

Well, lately, I experience this feeling and situation. And because of that, now I truly believe of this word's power. hahaha... It doesn't mean that I don't believe in damned before, but after it happened to me then I will never talk anything that I shouldn't say again. I am afraid of it now.

So, basically... the story is I once said about my friend's feeling and I say to myself that that kind of situation and feeling will never happen to me. Btw, for you who know me, it's not brondong case!. Brondong means you are in a relationship with someone younger than you (for women) and older than you (for men). hehehe... Back to topic... the point is just like that and now, those feeling and situation come to me. Damn! When I realize it, I can't believe it. So, be careful with your words. I hope this is the only kualat case for me. Please God, no more! I promise I'll be a good person.

*PS: will be updated about it soon (if any changes happens)
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