As I grow older, I am too lazy to start everything over and over again.
The real example is getting to know someone new.

I had this conversation with my best friend yesterday.
We talked about how we feel comfortable enough with someone and the next thing you know is you are stuck with him.

For me, I think this is quite true.
When you enter a comfortable zone, you enter the dangerous zone as well.
Why? Because it can be good or bad.
The good part is if the relationship works out and you guys go to the next level (officially).
But, how about if it is just stuck there? How if you get the bastard one and he just hangs you there and suddenly when he finds someone else, he is gone?

Today, at this moment, at this age, I feel like it is not a time for playing around anymore or to be like 'high school student' when you can easily be in a relationship with someone or when you can know others or introduce yourself to someone so easy.

It is definitely not the same. I feel like it's so hard getting to know someone now, especially new people.
What to talk, what's the best topic, how to act, what happen if he does this, what happen if I do this, etc etc.
And me personally, I am too lazy to talk bullshit or to start conversation for politeness.
And when finally I tried to start over with new people, why is it so hard?

Why does it become worse when I thought that we can actually talk and connect each other?
What did I do before?
Did I make mistake? Did I say something wrong?
Why is it so hard to understand guy?

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