Should buy or should not buy?
Damn! I haven't shopped for almost 2 months or more, now my shopping mood is getting wild. LOL!
I pass Bourke St everyday which has so many tempting shops along the road.
How can I resist the temptation not to shop? T-T
And Zara is opening soon in Bourke St as well on July. Oh Lord!

Anw, I am falling in love with a jacket and two knits from Forever New and Portmans. 
And in fact, winter is coming so soon, I really want to buy it... the only problem is the prices are also good. *Sighhhh

2 Responses
  1. ivan89 Says:

    I like the first and second one. :)
    The second is my fav cia, go for it!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    buy them!!!!! :DD reward yourself!