I am obsessed, by the watch.
How can that possible?
I am looking at some watch websites and straight away fall in love with some models.
If only the price is like one Fossil watch, I am planning to buy all of them. LOL!
I am so greedy and arrogant. Pardon me but I am getting crazy because this.
The thing is they are so freaking expensive.
I don't even expect the price will be that high before, I know it's expensive but not that crazy. Arghh!
So, I am confused now. Should I buy or not?
If I can only choose one, which one should I choose as I barely can't decide?
I love all of them. Forget the specification, choose the model first.
Ohh, help me!

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  1. oneeye Says:

    uuu, i like the last one or the third from the top