I don't know how exactly people can act and pretend that nothing happened.
By looking at my surrounding, people tend to act normal and treat others nicely even when they don't like them.

Well, me personally?
I can't do that. I can't treat them nicely if I don't like the person.
I will truly act as I am.
If I don't like them or don't feel comfortable around them, I will tend to keep silent and not talk too much with them.
Even if they do treat me well and try to be close with me, I still can't stand it.
Is that my nature?
Is that good? While others can try to fake themselves and talk to them nicely instead.
Sometimes, I wish that I can do that kind of thing as well.
Acting that I want to be close with them, treat them well, speak freely, fake myself. hahahahaha....

Anyway, it's just too hard for me.
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2 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    you are what you are, please don't change

  2. Anonymous Says:

    i create a neutral zone then i shove the person i hate in there...