Good news that my PR will definitely come out soon.
I am so happy of it because that means I can fulfill my pending plan which is looking for another job that requires PR, well at least the better one compared to what I am doing at the moment.
That means better position, better salary, better company.

I do have some companies inside my mind that I really want to work in.
Hope that everything will happen as I expect.
If not, I am thinking to move out from Melbourne first.
I will have 3 years after my PR is out before I need to go back to Melbourne and stay here for the whole 2 years in order to extend my PR.

I am thinking to go to China to study or go to Singapore to get a work experience there.
Of course I am more tempted to go to China.
In fact that you only need to learn Chinese and you can travel around Asia from there.
Well, that's what I see from my friends. I never see them studying, only travelling travelling and traveling.
On the other hand, I also want to keep staying in Melbourne and build my career here so by 25 or 26 I will be a successful career woman.
The obstacle is only loneliness.
Everyone is starting to go back for good and no one left here.
The one that still stay here are all couple so it doesn't make any difference.
I am still alone. Fiuhh...
Life is surely hard! I am gonna think about it very carefully before I make the decision.
Wish me luck!
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  1. oneeye Says:

    wish you luck