I am taking half day off today because of a personal reason so I will start work at 2pm.
However, I finished what I need to do earlier so here I am, killing time in my room.
So, I randomly doing random things.
Taking out of what inside my bag and taking a picture of it. LOL!
So not important, huh? I know! It's just... fun.
Here it is:

The bag itself is just a cheap bag from Cotton On that I bought from my first salary. Even it's not branded or expensive, I love it so much :)

From right to left:
  1. Mount Franklin Water (can be any brand, the point is a bottle of water)
  2. Oroton Wallet, a birthday gift from my best friend
  3. MAC Studio Fix Powder and Foundation
  4. Sports-girl Eye Liner
  5. Lancome Blush-on, from my mom. lol!
  6. Apartment Key with initial C (my nickname) on it
  7. Hi-Tech black pen
  8. Blackberry Bold 9700 a.k.a Onyx
  9. iPhone 4 Black (note: both BB n iPhone, I got it for free so don't think that I am so greedy having 2 phones ;p)
  10. Apple Earphone, included in iPhone package
  11. Paseo tissue
So, those are my essentials that I usually bring everyday.
Can be more sometimes, depends on the situation and condition :)

So, what's yours? 
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