It was so foggy yesterday morning and turned out to be so sunny in the afternoon.
That was the time when my friends and I went to brunch...
As usual, we always do it on the weekend. This time, we tried Las Chicas in Balaclava.
It was such a coincidence that I had a look at urbanspoon few days ago and read the review about this Las Chicas cafe. It has pretty good review and ratings and on Saturday, my friend said to me that they planned to have brunch there. LOL!

I said yes so here you go...

I have Egg Benedict with Salmon filling + has brown and a cup of skinny latte. The coffee is okay, but not the best. The poached egg is really yummy, the bagel is great (as I don't really like bread but I kinda enjoy this one), the smoked salmon is awesome as it doesn't really smelly, the hash brown is perfect but a bit over price considering the small pieces, the hollandaise sauce just made it perfect and the people are nice.

Overall, I love it! <3

They put the water in the vodka bottle. Cute.

One of my friend had Breakfast Bruschetta with Salmon. I tried the scrambled egg and it was good as well. It was worth it but I can't say the best as I felt that I tasted the better one before (but sorry can't remember which one ;p). My friend said he likes it so much.

Another friend had BBB which stands for Bikini Blowout Benedict. It had bagel, spinach, poached eggs, bacon, avocado, hollandaise sauce and he added hash brown as well. Trust me, it looked so yum too. I tried the bacon and it was not too bad.

So, conclusion, it is worth to try. We did not regret at all :)

2 Responses
  1. ivan89 Says:

    haha, we actually planned to have brunch on Friday ciaaa

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    untung ga jd jumat.. dak isa ikut lak an. hehehe