Did I tell you that moving house is a bitch indeed?
I've been moving 4 or 5 times since I came to Australia 6 years ago but I think this time is the most stressful one.

As time goes by, I have more stuffs and now I also have furnitures... plus my sister's stuff because she is in Indonesia for holiday at the moment. Can't believe she did that to me.
And poor me, there is no one helping me this time. All of my guy friends are not here, one of them is in Indo for holiday as well and one of them needs to go to India for work purpose. 
The rest? Went back for good already long time ago.

I booked a large truck already and 2 men to help me on the day. Can't really imagine how many boxes will be.
Currently, sure thing to move:

TV (old, big, heavy one) *sighh and the TV table
Washing machine
Double bed mattress plus base
Single bed mattress plus base
2 desk tables (1 big and 1 small)
2 desk chairs
A lot lot lot of boxes

Beside the stuffs, there are more things to be stressed of.

Start from the packing has been crazy.
Set up all connections in the new place including electricity, gas and water.
Cancel all the current services in the current place, same shit it's including electricity, gas and water.
Send the bond claim form.
Clean the current place for the final inspection.
Buy more furnitures. I still need sofa, coffee table and dining table. 
Trust me, finding the good furnitures that you really like with the cheap price at one go is not easy, don't forget the delivery too.

And imagine unpacking everything later just make my body aches already T-T
Ah, and no Internet from the day I move in until 6th Feb. Great!

Sorry for all the complains.

May God help me.
Wish me luck!
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