Happy birthday to my boyfriend....

I wish you all the best!
Wish I was there accompanying you to celebrate this special moment.
Well, no need to be sad... it's a special day indeed for you.
Turning 25 is different... like your friend said, it's quarter of a century.
Maybe somehow u'll feel older? Let say more mature not older :)

Okay, time for wishes. My wishes for you... 
Hope everything works well for you from today onwards (life, job and love).
Hope you'll always be healthy in every way.
Hope you'll love your family more and more everyday and be close with them always.
Hope every plans that you make will be accomplished.
Hope you will be a better person starting from this special age.
And hope all your wishes come true!

Last but not least, hope you'll love me more :p

Enjoy your day, birthday boy!
Enjoy the cake and the simple small slim blue thing from me.
Hugs and kisses from here >.<

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