Been in Jakarta for the past 10 days, spending my Xmas and NY there.
It was so lovely and memorable, thanks to someone and not to forget big kiss for my best friend :)

Jakarta is actually not bad after all. Maybe because I come at the right time, when a lot of people go overseas and out of town. The traffic is still there, of course. It's not called Jakarta if there is no traffic, but my friends told me that I was lucky enough the traffic was not as bad as usual. hahaha... and I was like 'what? okay' while I recalled that I was swearing a lot (in my head) on my 1st and 2nd day as I kept thinking the traffic was crazy and the rain did not stop.

2nd thing is probably because most of my friends stay in Jakarta now. It feels... I'm back alive. Time passed quickly, the city itself is crowded and live, I feel my life's rotation goes fast, a lot of things to do, shops open early and close late, and the night life does exists. 

Well every city surely has pro and contra. The safety, the comfort and the beauty? Jakarta is nothing compared to Melbourne. 

Anyway, in conclusion, I do enjoy my time in Jakarta... and I would love to come back to this city again (though the airport so sucks).

Now enjoy the pics.
Kue Putu Jumbo - super yummy!
Brunch @ Monolog
The Valley - Bandung 
French Toast

Bakmi Alok 
Christmas Dinner - Belly Clan
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