New season has come.
It's time for MasterChef Professional.

It's just week 1 but I feel the spirit is here.
I personally have not been cooking properly or even baking lately.
But watching the videos, looking at the pictures and reading the recipes from MasterChef is just.... unbearable.

I wish I have their pantry in my apartment, I will surely cook and try their recipes one by one every day.
Ahhh.. I wish!

Slow cooked beef in stout

Aromatic Golden Duck Broth Duck and Ginger dumplings with Otway Forest Shiitake mushrooms

Yabby tails Champagne butter and Yarra Valley Salmon roe
Quail two ways golden beets and pumpkin seed jus gras
Scallops with vegetable puree and apple relish
I am saliva-ing!! >.<

*Photos courtesy to MasterChef
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