I think something is wrong with my eyes and my taste.
I thought Michael Kors' bags are not that expensive (well, as far as I know and based on my friend's bag). I thought it will be between $200ish - $400ish until I surf the Internet and see this bag... I love it!
When I look at the price, my eyes are dropping. Whattt?! Is it that expensive?

As I still don't believe with my eyes, I went to the official website... It's cheaper but only like $200 less, still considered expensive. 
The bag does not look tough tho. Not sure if the material is firm and hard or if it is the soft leather.

I also saw someone carrying the below in navy blue yesterday. Not bad and way way cheaperrrrr.... but it looks like a bit like Celine trapeze bag. Hmmm, actually... both of them look a bit like Celine, don't you think?

Oh well! I seriously need to be careful with what I see and what I like.

NB: all pictures taken from Michael Kors official website.
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  1. Unknown Says:

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  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    thank you... you're welcome to follow my blog for the next update :)