I am back to the kitchen.
Have been away for so long cos I am too lazy to cook if it's only for me.
Hence, I decided to make something for my sister instead so at least I know someone will eat it.

I made this mac and cheese as this is one of her favorites while I personally don't like it.
I still prefer carbonara for my taste.
Ohhh... and in fact my bf likes it as well and asked me to make one for him when he is coming (soon), so I should practice first, shouldn't I?

I used the recipe from here.
They give you the tips and the videos as well which is very helpful.
But still, when I cooked it yesterday, it wasn't as simple as I thought.

I made only half recipe and it can feed 3 people already.
Thanks God it turned out not too bad so I also gave some to my friend who live across my apartment.
And Thanks God my sister likes it, even she only said 'OK' not like 'Yummy'. LOL!

All gone by evening, even the pic does not look attempting. Yeay!
Must be better for the next round.

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