I am so sad sad sad and mad mad mad.
I don't know which one to blame, Indo or Aussie.

Okay, let me explain the problem here.
My boyfriend planned to come to Melbourne next week for holiday for about 7 - 10 days.
Well, Thanks to Australia Immigration in Jakarta that successfully ruined our sweet, short and romantic holiday plan.
They refused my bf's visa application. Yes, it is a Visitor Visa only.
Why? Because they said:
  • his passport does not have a lot of stamps in it (what the? it's a new passport. Geez!).
  • his family card is not strong enough to show his relationship with the family in Indonesia which made them think that he will not go back to Indonesia and will stay in Australia illegally.
  • his bank account's transaction or history is not stable even the total amount he has is enough for travelling and staying in Australia.
  • what else did they say? I even forgot cos it doesn't make sense. In conclusion, they are afraid that my bf is not travelling genuinely and are scared that he will stay in Australia forever. Dohhhh!!!!
Did he provide all documents required? Yes.
Did I sponsor him? Yes, I did!
Does not make any difference apparently.

In my experience applying a Tourist Visa, you can actually explain or even give argument when something is not right. At least you can actually speak to the officer and go through the documents together and if they need additional documents to support the application then they will tell us and we will provide it happily. Apparently, this does not happen in Indonesia or for Australia Visa. Sighhhh! 

So once the decision has been made, it is a dead sentence, checkmate and we need to accept with open hands and minds. You can't even request for re-appeal?

Don't ask if we tried to contact the department or not. Many times! And only 1 person replied to our email, maybe there is only 1 person working as a support there. And as expected, the answer is not helpful at all, it's just like an automatic answer based on the template they agree on.

What happen now? No more holiday plan as he can just come here next week, not the week after, not next month or not even the next 2-3 months. Why? Because he needs to work and do his project in Indonesia. See, how sincere he is to go back to Indonesia? I wonder if this kind of issue happens to a lot of people or not.
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