Did I tell you that I love my Galaxy S4 so much?
I've been using it for a while now and it's way way better than Blackberry.
I feel so grateful that I leave Blackberry now.

At least when I am lost somewhere, I will be able to open maps with my Samsung.
Well, iPhone is not that bad as well but getting bored of Apple recently.
Anwyay, I sold my iPhone to my boyfriend. I don't actually plan to sell it to him but he insisted want to buy it. What can I do then? :p

Back to Samsung. Need to admit that the screen is big. Once I hold it then I hold iPhone, it feels so different. But I still love it tho. The good thing to use Android or Apple products are it's so reliable, convenient and you have a lot of apps to choose. Besides, it is easy to download apps and most importantly everything runs fast including loading the home page for the 1st time.
I still remember when I used Blackberry, turning it on takes a while before the phone was completely on and ready to be used.

Til the next post then.
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