I am in the middle of nowhere at the moment.... of my life.
I am confused for what I want, am trying to find my identity.
I am trying to look for what I am capable of and what I should do for a living, for future.
And with all the problems in it, happens to me or to anyone who is related to me,
I sometimes think that 'why I don't have a life like her/him', 'why I don't have a job like them' or anything that human can think of a jealousy.

Thus, I look at my surroundings again, not too far, started from my close friends....
then I realize I am still a lucky person. At least I have everything I want so far, most of my plans work smoothly til now and I still live my life adequately.

There is a friend said to me one night, "You need to live your life 100%, either you have a job or not, either you are happy or not, either you have money or not, either you are in problem or not... I know it's not like you choose your life to be miserable but it is a life from God, you've been given a chance to live so if you do it 100%, you will find a way and you'll be helped."

Well, I am not a very very religious person but when he said that to me, I was like 'Dammit, it goes to my heart and to my mind!' It's maybe true cos what I do til the previous second is just complaining.

So for what I have and for my life, I'm grateful. I thank God and I will always be.

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