I love dogs!! Especially big dog... hahaha...

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Siberian Husky

Who can resist such as a cute puppy like in the picture in the left side??
Golden Retriever

I like German Sheperd as well. haha...
I like small dog as well, but not as much as I like the big one. hihi...
But, if you find a dog like pom in the picture below, who can resist? So cute ya? huhuhu... So I want to have pom as well someday. haha.. Husky, Golden and pom. Not bad right? hehe.. My friend, Maria has 2 poms as well, even now become 4 because they have puppies. They are so cute and good. hehe.. My uncle has 1 as well. uhhhh... I want dogs!! T-T

Sooner or later, I will have these dogs. For sure... I really want to have dog since I was a child but never happen until now. So sad.. 
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