Finally I went to Giraffe Cafe last night ^^
It was a great day in a great cafe in a great time and with great people :)
I went there with Maria, Mia and Cicil. ohhh... it is a girls time. hihi..
It's been a long time since I hang-out with them last time.

Me, Maria and Cicil went to city around 6.30pm and arrive there like 7pm then meet up with Mia in Melbourne Central station. The cafe is near Melcen which is in between lt.Lonsdale and Elizabeth st.. Yeahh, it is a small road. Lucky we got a table because I'm afraid the cafe will be full coz of Friday nite. We got a big table actually, big enough for us which only 4 people. hehehehe...
The place is so homie and cozy. They provide many games for the customer so we can also play there.. We play UNO and JENGA...

The decoration is so unique. I don't have time to get all the unique and funny part because the cafe is so full last night and I got a little bit shy if wanna take a lot of picture. hihi...

The menu is divided into 2, main menu and dessert menu. We took a few time to have a look at the menu. Feel like wanna try all of them. hoho.. can't decide.
But, finally we made our choices...
I chose chicken lasagna and hot chocolate pudding for the dessert,
Cicil chose bacon carbonara with giraffe cheesecake,
Maria chose dumpling and sticky-date pudding for the dessert,
and Mia chose chicken risotto with tiramisu...
We chose different menu so we can try all of them ^^

And they are so delicious.. uhhh... We even said that we can't go there only once, we have to go again next time to try another menu. hihi...
But, I recommend if you don't eat much, 'ngafe' is better. hihi.. Means you only eat dessert or enjoying some drinks. They have some menus for coffee or chocolate (ice, hot, frappe, etc). Eat both the main and dessert will be so full. haha...

this is our meals ^^

And here are all the dessert... so yummy!!

Mia's tiramisu.. Cute yeah? hehe.. The taste is so ummm... nice. haha...

Cicil's cheesecake ^^
Maria's sticky date-pudding..
But I forgot to take a photo of my hot chocolate pudding. haha... Coz mine is out a little bit long than others, so when it came out we didn't care with the photos anymore. We just try try try and ate ate ate.. haha... But mine is also so good..
I love giraffe cafe. hehe... Besides, the price is OK for students. Not too expensive with the great food like that ^^
U know what? We stay there from 7.45 - 10.30pm. haha.. 
Ohh.. btw it opens until 11pm except Saturday I think. But it is closed on Sunday. So never ever come on Sunday...
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  1. wah cia2 ada blog :)
    tukeran link dong cia!

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    waduh.. ak y baru tahu lu ad blog j..
    link apa j?