Just got home few hours ago...
Gave surprise for Maria
It's her birthday yesterday (in Melb time)

Happy 21st Birthday tayank...
(again).. haha... udh berapa kali ya nylametin nya? :p
So, here is the story.. We planned to give her a surprise but not sure when because she and us (me, Tom, Erick, Ivan, and another Ivan) have different event on 4th sept.
So, we decided to give the surprise in the 5th, exactly in the day. 
We planned to give her "ucapan" as usual as we can so she will think that we won't give any surprise.
And I think it worked, is it? haha...
The cake?! I was browsed facebooked like 3days ago and accidentally found someone's profile that full of cake. And I had a look and WOW!! hahaha.. it's amazing. So I contacted her and asked her is it possible to get a cake for the day, but because of that time is already midnight so there was no reply.
So I asked my friend, Ivan Yang, to contact her in the morning and we did...!! YAYYYY!!
We got the cake on time, even too early.
I request the cake with the soft color because Maria likes soft color like creme, gold, bronze. hehe.. And the shoe is gold. Thanks for Kak Evi for this. She really made it, the gold shoe.
Maria said 'nice color' when she look at the cake and the shoe. hehe...
I think you guys are confused with the meaning of shoe in the cake. Here, I give u the picture of the cake...

NB: Photo is taken from cookinginmelb.blogspot.com (the cake maker) 
What a great cake, ya?
So yeah...
We did the surprise just few hours ago, right at 11.55 before her birthday is over.
Hope she really got the surprise and happy...
I think she is... She has to!! haha...
I remembered she said 'Wow.. thank you guys. I don't expect you guys will give me a cake' haha...
We will not forget to give u a cake of course. Especially this time is 21st birthday..^^
But we all are so tired now... I think she got home and go sleep directly because I can see her face is so tired as well and so sleepy of course. It's like 1.00 when we got back home. haha...
But, worth enough if I remember that she was happy.
And I'm feel happy and excited too because...
I don't know. Just feel that way..
Maybe if you do something even not much and the person likes it, it will feel so great, isn't it? hehe..
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2 Responses
  1. Maria Says:

    aw... thx u cia..... =)
    so sweet bgt seh.... heheheh
    basi ya aku baru baca?

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    haha.. ak malah baru bc comment mu. wakakak... koe y bc blog ku to? huahaha.. br tahu jg ^^
    sip2. sama2. hehe..