At last I use looklet too...
I used polyvore as well before, but LOOKLET is more interesting because it uses the model/people already so u can see what the clothes looked like in the real body. hehehe... Eventough, there is still not many items there.

I knew this application few weeks ago and just use it few days ago.
FUN!! But danger!! haha...
Because I'm using it, I feel my shopping desire increase.
I even open the source of the dress itself and browsing for a long time.
Then as a result, I don't do my assignment and end-up browsing many dresses.
Even, I feel wanna buy some but they are too expensive. Damn!!

So, my suggestion... Don't open it when the school times, otherwise u won't do anything else.
Do it when holiday is coming.. hehehe... (I'm not sure I can do it or not ;p)

Here are some fashions that I made... hihi...

~ summer is coming in Australia, Melbourne esp. ~

I love the top. I don't know.. I like one shoulder shirt like that but not find a good one until now. haha... Unfortunately, because there is not much items yet so I can't find more items to use and even there is no thongs. haha.. You see the feet? Bare foot!! hoho... But it is ok in beach environment ^^
I love the dress!!! I searched for it in the Internet but can't find it. huhuhu... Am I too much? haha.. Love the necklace as well ^^

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