I just bought a red nail polish.
Hahaha... finally..
Actually I want it few months ago... feel like want to be different sometimes.
And I never try a bright nail polish too before, so I think it's ok.

I bought it when there is a VIP night in Chadstone few weeks ago. It means all shops ummm.. not all but most of them have discount for their items. Not big discount, only like about 10-30%. But, unfortunately there is no discount for the nail polish. haha.. But, the price is OK. Firstly, I want to buy MAC but then I tried to look at Revlon counter and it's not bad compare to the MAC one. And of course the price is so much different.. Half if I can say ;p
So I decided to buy the Revlon one. I used it the next day after I bought it. haha..

Not bad ya?

But, I got a lot of comments because of this.. bad and good comment.
My boyfriend said "Hiii... red! Looks naughty." huahahahaha...
One of my bestfriend, a guy, said "What happen with your nail? Is that nail polish? Red? OMG!"
Am I really a bad girl by using red nail polish or just he is too hyperbola?
Another comment from another friends... one said "Woww... the color is so sensual!"
but other said "The color is not suited at you or maybe because u never use the bright color before."
Ohh... even a guy said "Wah, red nail polish. Why don't u use black?"

But the girls said "Wah... good color!"
So... whatever. haha.. I don't care.. I like it!!
I won't use it often tough, just sometimes. haha..
And I won't use it when I meet my boyfriend I think :p
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  1. what's wrong with red..i think it's a very nice color, especially for fall!!