I got a new shoe. hohohohoho...

Bought it few days ago.
So, the story is I went to city few days ago and meet one of my friends. Then we went out for a walk and find something for dinner as well. And after got food we went home, and we passed Bourke St, and I just asked her to go in to Rubi Shoes shop for a while for browsing. We don't even have any mood or desire to shop. hahaha... We don't even plan to shop. But, women... always have a mood to shop after seeing many stuffs in front of them, especially with the cheap price and SALE sign! LOL

Then... here we go! I looked at that shoe and fell in love. Haha.. I know my words are too much.
But, it's true! I already like it since I saw it for the first time. Then I looked around to browse other things but couldn't find anything better than that shoe. So, I looked at the price and it's hmmm... cheap enough but not as cheap as usual. Because there are types of Rubi shoes that only cost $25 for 2 pairs. That made me think twice. So I just tried it first, and it's so comfortable. The color was also so nice, it's like cream dunno the exact name. Besides, I haven't had any shoe with its color. hehehe... So, I asked my friend whether it's good or not and she said 'NICE'. Make me want to buy it more. hahahaha... Like you already know, I ended up buying it. And you know what? My friend also bought it. She couldn't resist the temptation of a cheap and nice shoe :p

The best part is when we were in the cashier... the girl said "Do you want to pay together? Because I think if you buy two pairs it will only cost you $15, but I'm not sure. Do you want me to check?"
I was shocked for a little bit, and yes definitely I want you to check it. And... it's $5 discount. uhuyyy...!
Me so happy happy....

These are the pictures, but it doesn't look really good in the pics because of the light I guess. Don't shock as well, because I know it doesn't look that good but what do you expect with $15 shoes? And I knew Rubi shoes are always weak as well, so after you wear it for several times, the shape will change. hahaha..
But, I still love it! :)

*Pardon me for the bad and unclear pictures. Because I don't find a good light. The right one is taken in my room, and my lamp is yellow lamp so it becomes like that. The color is not clear too --"
But, worth enough rite? hehe...
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3 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    definately worth your money and good bargain too. now i think you got a black colour(when you were in indo), cream (just now). what other colours do you have?

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    huahahaha... jd malu. kynya kok sepatu ku banyak bgt ;p

  3. oneeye Says:

    ahahaha, gpp, namanya juga cewe, dah biasa