Hmm.. I think I'm a little bit late watching this movie just now.
Actually, not really just now. I watched it last Thursday in Village cinema with some of my friends.
But, I can conclude that I'm not really late watching this movie cos I still get some friends who haven't watched it yet too ;p

When I watched it, I talked to my friend. Lucky I don't watch it in Valentine's day.
I said that because the movie was so romantic and sweet (for couple not single) --"
hahahaha... and my friend agreed with me. Hmm.. do we sound so depressed?
But, the movie is OK lah... I'm not that into this movie, but I don't say it's bad as well.

The movie is similar with Love Actually, but I think this one is much much better. Because Valentine's Day is clearer, funnier and more interesting than Love Actually :)
So, this movie worth to watch but not to watch many times. Because one of my friends watched this movie 4 times already. I can't even imagine that! ckckckckck...

Here are the trailers, enjoy! I can't embed the video, dunno why. So I just give the url :)

Trailer 1
Trailer 2
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