My Internet is so damn slow!!!
And it's only 16 of March. Still so long until the end of the month.
That means people in my house use a lot lot lot lot of bandwidths.
We got 100GB, so each person has 10 GB. And it never happen before, the Internet never become this slow on the date of which only 16.
So, I'm wondering what they do. If they only open facebook, msn, email, youtube... it won't be like this now.
Even I need 20 seconds to open the page for typing this post. Can you imagine that?
I hate it!

I know there are new people in my house,
and I see them in house so often.
Every time I'm in the house, they are always there. Not in the afternoon, evening, night, or morning!
Grrrrr.... Are they not going to school or what? How come they are in the house all the time?
I complain about it because if they are in the house so they will use the Internet.
Don't say I'm ridiculous! Because I always see them at least using the Internet everytime I'm home.
Some of them leave the door open often, so I can see the laptop so clearly. Streaming, playing, downloading, bla bla bla.... Huh!

Last month when I got back here, it was already in the end of the month. And yes of course, the Internet is so slow. I almost can't stand it because it takes too long to open some pages. Even Indo's Internet is better.
If this happens when the assignments come, I will for sure tell the landlord! Am I too mean? Huh!
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  1. oneeye Says:

    this needs a house meeting. better ask the landlord why the internet slow, maybe it's because of the provider or over limit. if it is over limit, then the landlord needs to gather everyone and stress out that each person has a limit every month and try not to exceed that limit