I am in the mood to stay at home today. Besides my friends are busy on their own.
So I'm enjoying my weekend, watching movies, reading books, listening to music, chatting, cooking, browsing for master course but no studying at all. Haven't felt guilty yet because it's only week 2. hahahaha...
And I'm in the mood to polish my nails. hohoho...
So here I am, browsing for many colors of nail polish and changing my nails' color as well.
So, this is color of the day :p

This is OPI nail polish, called 'Done Out in Deco'. It looks like gray in the pic but in real it's pale purple. So, I guess my camera never work well... or me? --" The right one is the real color, I took it from a website : )
I chose this color because purple is just so popular lately, especially for this season. Not here, not in Indo, not other places. Everywhere are purple.

Talking about purple remind me of my friend, Andrea. He hates purple so much. I don't even know why... and if I ask him, he just said that purple is a bad bad color. hahaha.. So you know what I'm thinking now? I'm planning to use this color for his graduation on May. I want to use purple dress or bag or anything but I realize I don't have any purple color in my clothes, dress especially and bag as well. So I just use the purple nail polish then. hehehehe... Enough to make him mad I think. What a mean friend I am! ;p
Ooohh... I told others about my plan, and it seems that my friends are going to wear purple as well in his graduation day. Can't imagine if that will really happen.

Ok, back to nail polish. So, isn't it a good color? hehe... at least for me it is.
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2 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    that's a nice colour, a bit different from others (i think). like it (or maybe i just like any colours)