For you who live in Melbourne...Chadstone will have VIP day on Wednesday, 17 March 2010, which is the day after tomorrow. So, I guess many girls and women already have their shopping list, including me and my friends. hohoho... For your information, Chadstone will open from 9AM - MIDNIGHT!! Ckckckckck...
And here is the list of the discounts.

I have been waiting for this since long time ago because I want to buy Cheap Monday jeans. I'm craving for Cheap Monday since last year, but I haven't got any chance. When I want to buy it that time, there is none of my size and the day after that I had to go back to Indo for 3 months. I don't really regret, because I can get it with discount tomorrow. hahaha... But, you know lah... I won't end up just buying only that jeans. I have some other lists as well, such as swimsuit, nail base coat and acetone, manicure sticker (dunno the exact name) and dress for upcoming formal dinner. For the last  one, I really really won't buy unless it's $50 or under. I hope I won't shop too much. Have to save money tough.

Ohhh... I desperately need a job! because I don't get shopping budget from my father. hahaha... So I have to save my money or get a job. And I like to work, but seems no offer. So sad... Anyway, I'm confused to choose which one I should buy. Here are the colors:

So, what do you think? Which color should I buy? Hope you guys can help me deciding. hehe.. Thx ^^
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  1. oneeye Says:

    the normal convention would be blue, but it all depends on what you wear on top. if it is bright colour, black or grey one would be ok. but again, blue seems to fit any colours. happy shopping tommorow