I just realized..
I have many things coming up next week.
Assignments and tests, to be exact.

I will have:
  • presentation at Tuesday, 13 April
  • 2000-3000 report due at Thursday, 15 April
  • IELTS test at Saturday, 17 April
  • Network and Security assignment at Monday, 19 April (which is so damn hard)
  • Mid-test at Tuesday, 20 April
  • Programming assignment at Friday, 23 April.
Oh God! I didn't realize it before. I even went to Et Cetera yesterday to watch Glenn Fredly. hohoho..
And I'm going to city tomorrow to meet my friends, he brings my BB from Indo. Yeayyyy!!!
I'll go to another friend's house as well to make cake. Yummy!!
I'll do assignment while she's making a cake. hahahaha....
And now, I have to work so hard first... for sure. hahahaha...
Hmmm... I guess there will be no post in the next 2 weeks. Only maybe... :p
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1 Response
  1. oneeye Says:

    busy days ahead. good luck with the ielts test. and i hope you can concentrate doing your assignments (although i know you'll be very distracted by many things)