I'm thankful for not being with anyone at the moment.
Because it makes me enjoying my days more and more... more fun... and freer.
I realized it when I went through last week.

Of course, it is more fun...
when you can have many activities in a week,
when you don't need to worry to go home early,
when you don't feel guilty if you just get home midnight or even when you couldn't get home because your friends persuade you to sleep over,
when you don't feel stressed because you don't need to have a fight with him,
when you can go with anyone you want without jealousy and responsibility wait for you,
when you can socialize and find many new friends,
when you can see outside,
when you can enjoy the view of many handsome men in front of you, because it is so wasted if you miss it. (I'm just kidding for this one)... ;p

Wait! Doesn't mean you have to break up with your partner after you read this post, ok?!
It's only in my case not yours. Still, when you have someone to share, to be loved and to be with... everything will be better than all of those I mention above :)

Happy Easter, guys...! ^_^
May God Bless Us always...
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3 Responses
  1. oneeye Says:

    me? dari jkt, hehehe. well, sometimes single poeple'll feel lonely. and that's the time when you need (as written in a song) a shoulder to cry on.

  2. Marcia Agata Says:

    hahahahaha... yeah, but if u have so many friends or someone to go out with, then... single is doesn't matter.. fun instead. hoho...

  3. oneeye Says:

    yeah, it's fun when going out with may people. but sometimes get jealous when seeing two people kissing or holding hand.