Yeayyy!! We got an apartment. Fiuhh... Finally. This one is a little bit expensive compare to other apartments that we inspected already. But for now there is no choice rather than being homeless too long. Anwyay, the apartment is on 22nd floor so you can imagine the view and how high it is if you look down. hahahaha... But, it's actually doesn't matter for me to get higher level or not besides ground floor. Another thing is the floor uses wood instead of carpet which usually people like but not me and my housemates. hahaha... And because of that as well, the price is more expensive than other apartments. Again, it doesn't matter for now. We'll live there for 1 year first anyway. Here is the floorplan:

Not bad, isn't it? Tomrrow, we will go to IKEA and ready to move on Friday. Still have may things to do until we settle though. Hope it will finish soon.

*pic is taken from MICM
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